Too many members in your Dinner Group?

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HandsSo what do you do if you have too many people who want to join your dinner group? The simplest solution would be to break the group up into two Dinner Groups.  But let’s say you have five members, but you only want to do meals Monday – Thursday, so the weekends are open? In this case, you can have four members pick a specific day that they cook, and one member is a “floater.”

The floater option is something that I am currently using in my dinner group, which consists of five members.  This option works really well for us, because we are only cooking three adult size portions per family. This means that one week out of five, I don’t have to cook at all. Krysti is the floater chef for our group. So that means the day she cooks will be different every week, as she will take over the night for the chef who is off. You can see how this works by looking at our meal calendar.

I think this option is really nice for our group, but it may be a bit more difficult for groups where there are five or more people per household.  I would still prefer this option, rather than leave someone out or have a dinner group that only covered two or three nights a week.

This can also just be a temporary option that will work while you are transitioning and trying to find new members to join a group.

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