Dinner Groups and the Society

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The family is the basic unit of society. It is what makes up the community. And communities make up the nation. It’s no wonder some nations are crumbling and some societies are getting debased because the basic unit of the society degraded as well. We need not recount experiences of quote figures to prove this point because it is too evident around us. One of the goals of having a dinner group is to make sure that families reconnect through eating dinner together, everyday. Having a dinner group makes it more convenient and easier for you to meet this goal. In Mealtime is Quality Time you read how important eating meals together is to a closer relationship with your family. Here we recount some more reasons for its importance:

  1. Quantity time is quality time. The more time we spend with our children, the more they become close to us. Therefore, eating together with them is time well spent.
  2. Open lines of communication. When we’re closer to our kids, they’re bound to be more expressive of their emotions and feelings and would less likely be rebellious than kids who are not close to their parents.
  3. Promotes healthy relationships. Parents learn to respect their children’s opinions and needs and children learn to respect the authority of their parents and understand them better when they spend more time around the dining table. It also encourages respect for diversity of personalities, experiences and ages.
  4. Hones their social skills. Instead of watching TV or twiddling with their PSPs for dinner, conversations would be encouraged, free expression tolerated and human contact established when eating together thus they would be able to socialize with people even on a larger scale.

These are some of the reasons why we encourage eating together to strengthen the familial bonds. There are other ways to develop the abovementioned reasons, but I think you’ll all agree with me that one of the easiest ways is to eating together during mealtimes.

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