A Single Dad’s Tale

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November 19, 2009 by  
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SittingFatherSonGeorge is single. George has a kid. George is a typical guy. I am George.

Being a single dad is no picnic as everybody knows. Even though I am very busy working I had to find time for my son which was quite difficult because I had to work on graveyard shifts sometimes. For meals, I would stack on microwave foods on the fridge every week so it wouldn’t be too hard for both of us. Then my kid got really sick and the doctor cautioned me that it maybe because of something he ate and that I should watch what he eats. I felt guilty of course because I knew that the doctor was right. I tried my hand in cooking but the results left nothing to be desired because I was always in a hurry. Life took a turn for the better when a concerned friend of mine introduced me to the idea of a dinner group and invited me to join them because one of their members moved to another state. I was very hesitant at first because I was the only guy in the group of five but thankfully, they didn’t make a fuss about it. Even though I was a bit of a cheapskate  I bought some new stuff so I can actually learn how to cook edible food. It was a worthwhile investment though, I enjoyed cooking just once on weekdays plus my son was getting nutritious home cooked food. The latter, for me, is the greatest benefit in having a dinner group. Dinners were special since joining a group because we had time to talk and catch up on each others’ lives. My advice goes out to all the guys out there who like me are struggling with being a single parent: learning how to cook doesn’t make us less macho. If it’s for the good of your kid, go for it. I did and the rewards were just awesome.

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