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raee3-small.0.0.0x0.324x400Dinner Swap story by Kate

My four year old daughter is a picky eater. I often get frustrated coaxing her into eating what I cook. I would scour cookbooks by the dozen and ask her what she wanted but what she usually picked out was something I didn’t want to cook for her. When we go out to eat, she would eat the greasiest, most processed and basically food that was devoid of any nutrition. But I was afraid that if I won’t let her eat those, she might become even thinner. I stumbled into the idea of a dinner group by chance. I was looking for recipes on the internet and I happened to pass by this site. The recipes looked great plus the calendar really gave me a clear idea on how to start organizing a dinner group. I called up my neighbors and told them about the plan. There were five of us (with one as the floater) who were willing to try it out and join the group. We printed out the calendar and the recipes for the first month. The internet indeed was very useful in our journey as a group. It helped us a lot in connecting with other dinner groups and in finding great recipes that would work just as well on cooking for many. But what I liked most about having a dinner group was cooking for 3 days every week instead of everyday. It meant less stress, and more time for my family. My neighbors and I also became closer from meeting every month and swapping what we call “dinner tales”. I had a particularly happy tale of course. My daughter now looks forward to dinner time and is not so picky anymore. I can now watch her enjoying healthy home cooked food everyday and I have my dinner group to thank for it. Kudos to this site also for introducing me to the concept of a dinner group!

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