It Runs in the Blood

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chefDinner swap story from Jane

My sister and I didn’t know how to cook. Our parents were great cooks though. They would usually be the ones cooking for big gatherings in our church. When both my sister and I moved to another state, we realized a little too late that we should have asked mom and pop to teach us how to cook since we missed home cooked meals sorely. She missed my mom’s tuna casserole and I really missed my dad’s superb stir fried vegetables with peanut sauce. For us, fast food and even gourmet restaurants just couldn’t replace our parents cooking. And we didn’t try cooking because as yuppies, “I don’t have time” was reason enough not to. One day, on a visit to my friend’s house I noticed how she had a lot of stuff in her fridge, in her cabinet and a calendar with names and dishes tacked on it. When she was about to explain why, the doorbell rang and someone gave her a Tupperware. She put it in the microwave and told me that she was a part of a dinner group. I didn’t refuse when she invited me for dinner and I tasted one of the best alfredo that night! My sister wasn’t too excited at first because she knew that we weren’t cooks at all. But armed with a cookbook and our trusty phone (to call our parents of course), we were motivated to learn how to cook. It was only a matter of time before we were able to replicate our parent’s dishes. When we went home, we were the ones doing the cooking already, to our family’s delight. Some folks even told us to enter into catering business! Its just great how having a dinner group made us appreciate the art of cooking. My sister and I have also become a lot closer because we spent a lot of time cooking together. And we’ve also realized that maybe, good cooks do run in the family.

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