On Working Moms, Dinner Swap and Beethoven

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Starting to play the piano at a late age is very hard. It requires putting pride aside (for a younger teacher to be able to teach you), bumbling incoherently through music sheets, feeling frustrated, but the rewards of being able to play a difficult piece flawlessly is all worth it. Starting to learn piano is just like starting a dinner trade group or partner for a working mom. Just the process of convincing fellow working moms to start a dinner group is a challenmom_cooking_o0u5ge in itself already. And of course, actually finding the time to try making a new dish seems like a daunting, not to mention a tedious task. But the rewards are really worth it. Not only do you get to have quality and quantity time for your kids and husband, you also get to sample dishes of your dinner group, thus bringing a new flavor to the family table. Here are just some tips to the working moms who have just decided to practice dinner swap.

1. Resolve to do it!
Intentions are only as good as they are. Putting off starting the dinner swap won’t help. You have to do it now and make time for it.

2. Start slow.
You can start by assigning a certain day as dinner trade day. Like Sunday perhaps when you can have plenty of time to concoct a delightful dish and exchange it with your dinner trade partner. Then, progress to twice a week and so forth. You’ll be surprised how you’ll enjoy it and your family too!

3. Cut on the TV time.
Instead of relaxing in front of the TV after a stressful day, thumb through your dusty recipes books or better yet experiment for the next dinner trade day. Try limiting your kids TV time as well so they won’t rush through a meal and you can actually have meaningful conversations on the dinner table.

4. Surf the internet.
Rest assured you’re not the only one in a quandary sometimes. You can find online forums on difficulties of moms just like you just starting out on dinner trade and swap advices or just get the feel that you are not alone. Exchanging personal recipes can also make for a great dinner trade partner.

5. Enjoy!
Relax. Don’t feel pressured just because you’ve set a date with a dinner group. Take in the smell of what you’re cooking and be grateful that you have the resources to make something that divine. Savor the goodness of that casserole your dinner group just made. Exult in the wide-eyed anticipation of your husband and your kids as you uncover the latest dish.

These are just some tips that can help you. Just strive to continue and the satisfaction will be worth it. It will be just as joyous as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

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