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how-to-buy-a-digital-camera-1_woman-taking-picture-with-digital-camera.s600x600Photography is an art. Its also a practical way of storing vital information such as dinner trade recipes. In an age where everyone has virtual storage, pictures can greatly help dinner groups. Here are tips on how to use this tool:

1. If recipe books are used, try to take a picture of the preparation of your take on the recipe.

2.In the process of cooking, make sure you include photos or insert words that can graphically describe how you want it to look (or the way it SHOULD look).

3.Lastly, include a picture of the finish product. Pictures of your family enjoying the recipe is optional.

You might wonder why not just send a clip of the recipe. Putting a recipe into practice is perhaps the most difficult thing in cooking. The pictures of you actually trying a new recipe can be a motivation to your dinner group to try an especially delicious looking recipe knowing that you have tried it yourself. And since dinner groups are gaining popularity around the world, a long distance dinner trade partner can happily try your recipe and likewise you can try out her recipes as well. Variations of your recipe should be welcomed of course.

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