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Natalie’s Dinner Group Experience

Our dinner group is a life saver for the whole dinner experience at our house. My kids are 12, 10, 8 and 10mths, which translates to being a personal chauffeur from 3:30 to 7 or 8pm Mon through Thurs. I drive them to and from basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, violin, piano, scouts, young women, and activity days. I’m also the homework and music practice police/teacher in between driving. Preparing a meal around our crazy evening schedule often proved to be to big of a task. We would find something, but it was rarely a nice home cooked meal.

minivanmomsThe nicest unexpected benefit of our dinner group is I actually am getting excited as a look through recipes to find mine for next month. When you only have to cook once a week for the group (plus weekends for your family) cooking actually becomes something fun to plan for! I have several recipes I want to try out on my famliy to test them out for the group and I’m actally having a hard time trying to work those in the weekends that are left before our next planning meeting.

Next unexpected benefit is I’m learning to cook for a big group and not get freaked out! I’m learning what quantities work. The food actually goes a lot further than you think it would. So as a side note–that 3mth and 1 year food supply we are all plugging away at–we probably have more than we think we do, especially if we continue our dinner groups through what ever event we are saving the food storage for. It sure makes the food go a long way!

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